Instagram has become one of the most preferred social media platform for users, business owners and marketers alike. Many people are using it as a tool to boost their business using content and various types of Instagram Ads. But there are many who are not able to use this social media properly. They don’t know […]

When Instagram Reels had launched in 2020, nobody would have thought they would become so popular as they are now. With Instagram Reels Ads now being introduced, they are getting a lot more advertiser attention. For the uninitiated, Reels are 15 to 60-second micro-videos created in 9:16 resolution and can be viewed in the Reels

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Write the perfect Instragram Bio - Young Urban Project

Your Instagram Bio is the first thing people see on your profile even before they reach the grid (On which people generally give so much thought, creativity and effort). Having a really good Instagram Bio can help you gain more likes and followers. It can captivate the attention of people who happen to visit your

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how to make money on instagram

You’ve been spending time and effort on Instagram. You’ve been building an audience, putting out great content and getting some great engagement. But is that all you want? Is that all there is to get out of your Instagram efforts? Or can there be a way on how to make money on Instagram using your

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