Digital Marketing

Revealed: How Instagram Algorithm Works in 2020

Instagram’s algorithm has been a mystery like that of most other social network algorithms. There is a lot of speculation around it, but no one really knows what’s the real deal and how does the Instagram Algorithm work. There are so many marketers and content creators out there trying to decode Instagram’s algorithm so they…

best time to post on social media 2020

Best Time to Post on Social Media and Win in 2020

Today, the world is literally at our fingertips, thanks to the tremendous digital evolution. Being in touch with people 24×7 across the globe is now a reality. Amongst other channels, Social Media has played an important role in keeping us connected effortlessly. Apart from helping peer to peer connections, it has also helped Brands stay…

non-graduate succeed in digital marketing

4 Ways Non-Graduates can Succeed in Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when educational qualification and degrees used to be the deciding factors for getting a job or career growth. In the case of new-age skills like Digital Marketing, these rules do not apply anymore. For such skills, your educational background, or the lack of it, isn’ t a limitation. Graduates or Non-Graduates…

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