growth marketing strategies

The world of marketing and advertising, especially on digital media, has become massively crowded, and getting the attention of your audience has got more difficult than ever. So how do you stand out? The traditional outreach strategies and just putting up content isn’t going to make the cut because you as a company brand or

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digital marketing jobs for freshers

In this article, I have discussed the most popular Digital Marketing jobs in 2021, the skills do you need to get those jobs, and what salaries do they offer. Digital Marketing is a super hot space to be in right now. Every business is going digital and there is so much opportunity in this space that

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digital marketing jobs

In times when accessibility to the internet and gadgets is easy and remarkable, the dominance of Digital Marketing is inevitable. In this article, you will learn the skills required to get your dream digital marketing jobs even if you are a fresher. And you will also find the various digital marketing job roles and salary

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How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become one of the most sought after skills today and it is allowing people to earn insane amounts of money irrespective of past experience or age. But how can you start your career in Digital Marketing especially if you are starting today? Is it too late to start? Is the industry already saturated?

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scope of digital marketing

With the evolution of technology and consumer behavior of people, the methodology of marketing, specifically the scope of digital marketing, has also evolved over the years. From years ago when Radio advertisement was the place to be for businesses, the attention moved to television marketing. And in the present times, the focus is on digital

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how does fake follower industry work

This article is about the Fake Social Media economy. Fake followers, Fake Engagement, Fake Clout, and everything about that. After this underground industry has come to light after the Badshah Fake views controversy, I will also try to decode the legal implications of such practices. But most importantly, I will attempt to get into the

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digital marketing funnel explained

If you have been around in the digital marketing space for some time, I’m sure you have heard of this term called “Digital Marketing Funnels”. There are a lot of videos, and expensive courses around this monster called Funnels. Online gurus have been saying that you are not getting your well-deserved sales and online success

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